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Join me for a film and discussion on salmon

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OPB is hosting an early screening of the Nature program Salmon: Running the Gauntlet at 7:30 pm Wednesday at the Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan, in Portland. Afterward, I’ll be moderating a panel discussion with film director Jim Norton and several other stakeholders about salmon management in the Northwest. You should join us!

I got to watch an even earlier pre-screening of the film, and I must say it features the best footage of salmon spawning I’ve ever seen. The documentary sums up the trials of restoring salmon in the Columbia River Basin and hits on a few success stories too. It revisits the story of Lonesome Larry‘s descendants in Idaho’s Redfish Lake, the debate over hatcheries and managing predators like sea lions and cormorants. See what baby salmon look like as they’re flushed out of a barge and hear author David James Duncan wax poetic about what wild Columbia River salmon runs once were.

If you can’t join us for the screening Wednesday, the show premiers at 8 p.m. Sunday on OPB.

Columbia River Basin Salmon

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