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McKibben: Temps rising; drop the f-bomb

Portrait of Bill McKibben, author and activist. photo ©Nancie Battaglia

Bill McKibben

The Sunday Oregonian ran a PG-rated version of environmental writer Bill McKibben’s disgruntled opinion on the U.S. Senate’s failure to pass climate legislation.

But what we didn’t see in The O was the f-bomb he dropped in his earlier version of that opinion, published in the Huffington Post under the headline: “We’re hot as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

McKibben hails Environmental Defense Fund’s diplomacy in negotiating on the bill, decries the backlash from industry, and scolds the Dems for turning a deaf ear to the issue.

“So now we know what we didn’t before,” he writes. “Making nice doesn’t work.”

His three steps to something that might work:

  • Talk about global warming (not “energy independence”): the heat, humidity and the carbon
  • Ask for what’s needed: “a stiff price on carbon”
  • Get mad: start a movement

He calls himself “a mild-mannered guy, a Methodist Sunday School teacher. Not quick to anger.” Then he continues…

“So what I want to say is: This is <f-bomb>ed up.”

Of all the things that could set a man off, it’s the U.S. Senate for McKibben. I guess time will tell if the f-bomb can do what diplomacy couldn’t.

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