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New app finds green lights for green drivers

A Eugene-based company says its new smartphone app can cut your gas consumption by 3 to 5 percent by helping you avoid red lights. It’s called Green Driver, and it works its magic by connecting with city traffic lights and GPS to find routes that will avoid red lights. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? More green lights with gas savings to boot!

So far it’s only designed to work in Eugene and Portland. But Utah is next in line for a launch this summer. The application has been up and running for Eugene for a year, but it just launched in Portland today. Both iPhone and Android phone users get to play. Word from Matt Ginsberg, CEO of Eugene-based Green Driver, Inc.:

“We’re delighted to see the Portland roll-out. It’s great to be part of such an environmentally friendly project — less time at red lights means less idling, less carbon, and more efficiencies throughout the system.”

Hiba Fakhoury, project lead for Green Driver, says the app assumes drivers are following the speed limit, so it actually gives them less incentive to speed. (Picture me reaching for my phone now.)

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