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New Seasons Market Earns "Zero Waste" Status

New Seasons Market got the news this week that its recycling and composting efforts have resulted in 92 percent of the company’s waste being diverted from landfills.

That’s enough to qualify for “zero waste” status, an honor the Zero Waste International Alliance reserves for businesses that divert at least 90 percent of their waste.

“This is an incredible accomplishment for our staff,” said Wendy Collie, President and CEO of New Seasons Market. “Earning a zero waste rating recognizes years of hard work, commitment, and constant enthusiasm we have for reducing our environmental impact.”

The company’s status was confirmed through a waste study conducted by Community Environmental Services, a research and service program of Portland State University’s College of Urban Affairs.

The study collected and examined waste from four sample New Seasons stores in December and January.

The PSU analysis concluded New Seasons’ switch from cardboard to reusable plastic for its dry goods and produce has reduced solid waste by 95 percent at the company’s 12 stores in Portland and Vancouver. I’m headed over to the store on Hawthorne today to learn more about how each store manages its waste, and what makes up the 8 percent that isn’t diverted from landfills.

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