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Only Tree In World's Tiniest City Park Stolen

The tree was missing this week.

The tree was missing this week.

Cassandra Profita/OPB

A coworker reported to me yesterday that the small tree in Mill Ends Park – the smallest city park in the world – seemed to be missing. She said there appeared to be a hole in the ground where the tree had been.

Could it be that the only tree in this two-foot diameter park was stolen?

Indeed, said Mark Ross of Portland Department of Parks and Recreation, “someone yanked it out.”

The tree has been missing for a few days, Ross said.

But park technician Scott Gibson was there this afternoon with a small Douglas fir sapling – with a price tag of $3.25 – to replace it.

I swung by to take a picture. I wonder what has become of the stolen tree…? Here’s the picture I took of it last month:

The tree was replaced.

The tree was replaced.

Cassandra Profita/OPB

Mill Ends Park

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