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Oregon Environmental Groups Announce Legislative Priorities

More than 40 Oregon conservation groups announced their legislative priorities today.

The groups are collectively known as the Oregon Conservation Network. Together, they have agreed to back four bills in the state Legislature that support clean fuels, energy efficiency, water management and river protection.

“In some of these instances, we’re going to have a tough fight ahead of us,” said Doug Moore, who leads the network as the executive director of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. “But it’s a fight that we need be willing to take on, and it’s a fight that we are willing to take on.”

One bill on the list would expand scenic waterway protection to rivers targeted by suction dredge mining. Another would set energy efficiency standards for appliances such as televisions and battery chargers.

The clean fuels bill would pave the way for a 10 percent reduction in the carbon emissions associated with transportation fuel. And a fourth bill would add a fee for water rights to fund state water management.

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