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Qwest fined $26,608 for bare pipe

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a $26,608 penalty to Qwest Corp. for going without corrosion protection on a pipe in its Grants Pass underground storage tank system.

The penalty stems from the discovery of a bare steel pipe running from the underground storage tank to a generator room, where the company operates the tank system for an emergency power generator. The company is charged with failing to install proper pipe corrosion protection for the system since DEQ set its 1999 regulatory deadline. Most of the fine – $19,008 – was calculated based on the company’s financial gain in failing to install the protection.

Along with the penalty notice, DEQ ordered the company to install the proper tank system by Dec. 1. If the requirements are met by that deadline, the agency says it will consider recalculating the fine. Qwest appealed the penalty Oct. 5.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

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