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Report Finds 1,600 Jobs In Oregon's Electric Vehicle Industry

A new report measures the economic value of Oregon’s budding electric vehicle industry.

It concludes that there are 411 people working directly for about 100 EV-related companies in the state, and that the industry supports 1,169 jobs indirectly and generates about $266 million in economic value.

The report was funded by the electric vehicle industry group Drive Oregon and the Portland Development Commission.

Jeff Allen, executive director for Drive Oregon, said the numbers aren’t staggering but they’re a solid baseline for measuring future growth.

“The report understates the the total impact,” Allen said. “But it’s bigger than a lot of people thought.”

Electric vehicles support around 400 direct jobs in Oregon, according to a new report.

Electric vehicles support around 400 direct jobs in Oregon, according to a new report.

Tom Potiowsky, a professor at Portland State University and director of the The Northwest Economic Research Center, compiled the data based on a survey of companies that do EV-related business in Oregon.

The survey included suppliers of parts and raw materials, engineering and design firms, manufacturers and installers of charging infrastructure, as well as organizations that support EVs, such as nonprofits and public agencies.

“What surprised me the most is the diversity of the industry,” said Allen. “They have they broken down the industry into component parts, and we have almost all the parts.”

The report also found the industry as a whole generates $11.9 million in state tax revenue and $20.8 million in federal tax revenue.

Allen said his group is taking the report to the Legislature this week to share the findings. The Oregon Innovation Council has recommended doubling the industry group’s funding to $2.25 million in the next biennium.

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