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Salmon: I'd clean it up myself, but I have no arms

A fun find from the Kitsap Sun’s Watching our Waterways blog. This PSA, created by Visual Media and the Puget Sound People, just won an Addy Award for creative advertising in Western Washington.

I pick up the “stop pollution, save salmon” message a lot more in Seattle than I do in Portland. I know Puget Sound has some serious pollution problems, but … the Willamette River does too. In theory, the Portland Harbor Superfund site and sewer overflows will one day be cleaned up with only indirect help (in tax dollars and sewer fees) from the average pedestrian. We saw some good news from the Environmental Protection Agency today with a clean bill of health for Ross Island. But I wonder what an angry Willamette River salmon say (or do) to speed the clean-up process along?

Columbia River salmon also get to swim in the trickle-down trash from Portland. So maybe a PSA for Portland could feature a joint Columbia-Willamette army of salmon plugging the sewer outflow pipes and echoing their northern neighbor above: “You keep you s&#t to yourself. I’ll keep my s#$t to myself. And neither one of us has to be living in each other’s crap.”

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