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Skinned wolf corpse found in Washington

OPB’s Tom Banse flagged this news item for me (likely because I’ve been following Oregon’s wolf poaching and cow depredation): Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating the state’s third wolf poaching, according to the Methow Valley News.

WDFW Deputy Chief of Enforcement Mike Cenci said his agency has a corpse without a hide, but he wouldn’t say which of the state’s two packs the wolf came from.

Washington has the Lookout Mountain Pack in the Methow Valley, and the Diamond Pack in Pend Oreille County in northeast Washington. There are also unconfirmed reports of wolves in the Blue Mountains area of southeast Washington.

The state is still building a case against suspects in two Lookout Pack wolf poachings from 2008.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Wolves

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