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Slideshow: Oregon's solar-powered car explosion

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It was a rough weekend for Oregon State University’s Solar Vehicle Team. The group designs, builds, and races solar-powered vehicles. After perusing their website, it’s clear this is no easy feat.

Thanks to OPB intern Evan Sernoffsky for tracking down these photos of the team’s $100,000 solar-powered car before and after the explosion this weekend. It was built from 2008-2010, and the Corvallis Gazette-Times reports it will take until 2014 to build another one. Hai Yue Han, the team’s co-captain, told the newspaper he believes the culprit was the battery, which exploded into pieces while the car was running in Corvallis.

“We’re never using lithium ion batteries again,” he says in this video.

Oregon State University Solar power Solar Vehicle Team

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