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Storifying Portland's food scrap composting plan

April Baer

Starting Oct. 31, Portlanders city-wide will be able to throw their food scraps into curbside binswith their yard waste for the first time.

Supporters love the idea of diverting more waste from landfills so it can be reused. The biggest complaint from critics is that while the city will pick up the compost weekly, it is reducing regular trash service from once a week to once every other week. That could mean some families will need to pay more for bigger trash cans, and it could mean non-compostable items wind up in the compost bin.

I’ve been impressed by the outpouring of reactions to stories on the program. So I tested out Storify to see if I could compile some of the highlights into one juicy little stream. Here it goes:

Composting Foodie Friday

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