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Supposedly Stolen Tiny Tree Replanted On Mt. Tabor

The tree was apparently returned roots and all.

The tree was apparently returned roots and all.

Courtesy Portland Parks and Recreation

Portland Parks and Recreation has replanted a tiny Douglas fir sapling that is thought to be the tree that was stolen from Mill Ends Park, which measures a mere 2 feet in diameter. The tree was left at the tiny park a few days after the original tree disappeared.

Mark Ross of Portland Parks said he doesn’t know for sure that the returned tree is the same tree that was stolen, and the city hasn’t found the culprit. But the city had already replaced the stolen tree by the time the other tiny tree showed up at the park. So, the agency replanted the supposedly stolen and returned tree in Mt. Tabor Park at SE 60th and Salmon, as you can see in this YouTube video:

Mill Ends Park

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