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Take That Lichfield: Tiny Fence Now At Tiny Park

Ifanyi Bell/OPB

The row over the title of world’s smallest park jumped to another level Tuesday night. Portland’s title-holding park came under fire from a town in the United Kingdom, questioning the legitimacy of Portland’s beloved Lilliputian landscape.

After that, representatives from Portland’s Parks and Recreation let us know that a bit of “volunteer stewardship” addressed a few of the criticisms that UK town has levied against the Portland park’s official status as the world’s smallest.

The story quickly went viral online, sparking a myriad of responses from both side of the Atlantic. (I even took the opportunity to stoke the flames a little bit and to be honest will probably keep doing so until this thing flames out).

The main criticism from officials from the town of Lichfield, who are looking take the crown from Portland by issuing a formal complaint to Guinness Book of World Records, was that in order to be named a “park,” the area must be fenced-in.

And while that goes against a lot of the principles of what people here in the civilized world might consider reasonable, aesthetically and morally appropriate, lo and behold last night, Portland’s tiny park had a tiny fence erected around it, complete with a sheep and a tiny armed guard.

Your move, Lichfield.

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