The Spokesman Review reports that the state of Washington spent an estimated $76,500 to kill a wolf pack blamed for killing or injuring 16 calves on a ranch in northeast Washington.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spent four days and about $22,000 killing six wolves in the pack using a helicopter and a marksman, the paper reports. That was after the agency spent 39 days and $54,500 killing one wolf.

Time and money weren’t the only costs, though. It also cost the agency some public support, according to spokeswoman Madonna Luers.

“Our director (Phil Anderson) has said that he never wants to do this again,” Luers said. “… The social acceptance is just not there.”

The Wedge wolves were the first to be lethally removed by WDWF. The agency sent the cost estimates to the senator who chairs a legislative committee overseeing the agency. He’s planning a hearing to review the decision to kill the pack.