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Click your heels and track Ruby pipeline progress

Having trouble tracking legal action on the Ruby Pipeline project? Click your heels three times and read on.

Having trouble tracking legal action on the Ruby Pipeline project? Click your heels three times and read on.

Have you been following the progress of El Paso Corp.’s $3-billion, 675-mile, five-state-traversing Ruby Pipeline?

The natural gas transmission project is underway and set to deliver up to 1.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day in a 42-inch-diameter pipe reaching from Opal, Wyo., to Malin, Ore. That’s enough pipeline capacity to export all of Wyoming’s natural gas and more, according to a recent report.

Construction is officially set to finish up by March, though several lawsuits could stall the project. The High Country News Goat Blog has a nice summary of highlights to date. If you feel (as I do) a little overwhelmed by all the different lawsuits and settlements, join the club. From HCN:

“Mark Mackiewicz is overseeing the Ruby Pipeline project for the BLM. He’s been getting a new lawsuit or petition for review on his desk every few days and can hardly keep track of it all.”

To help with the tracking effort, I thought I’d share some links to key milestones:

April 5: Pipeline receives federal approval

July 26: Two environmental groups – Oregon Natural Desert Association and Western Watersheds Project – drop their opposition

July 30: Center for Biological Diversity sues

Aug. 5: Gas pipeline chief hears ranchers’ ire over enviro deal

Aug. 8: Pipeline company reaches tentative $15 million deal with ranchers

Aug. 20: Center for Biological Diversity seeks injunction to block pipeline

Aug. 22: Coalition of local governments sues over pipeline

Sept. 2: Court denies injunction to stop pipeline

Sept. 13: Three more groups – Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club and Great Basin Resource Watch – sue over pipeline impacts

Surely this won’t be the end of the list…

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