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Two Emmy-Winning Oregon Field Guide Shows

Oregon Field Guide producers Vince Patton and Jule Gilfillan and videographer Michael Bendixen won Emmys this weekend for their segments on elk at Mount St. Helens (Patton and Bendixen) and climbers traversing tree-to-tree across an oak savannah near Canby without touching the ground (Gilfillan). Thought you might like to see the winning shows.

There’s another Field Guide episode about the threats to oak savannahs that puts the Treeverse project in context: Farming and development have reduced the white oak ecosystem to 1 percent of its former range. And a little tidbit about how the Patton and Bendixen captured such amazing shots of elk at Mount St. Helens: They had to spray themselves with elk urine to get close without scaring the animals away.

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