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Vestas Americas President: "We're here to stay."

Sustainable Business Oregon interviewed outgoing Vestas Americas president Martha Wyrsch, who has decided to leave the company in December.

In the interview, she says the wind industry has “been on a roller coaster” because no one knows whether the U.S. federal tax credit for wind energy producers will be renewed. Vestas has “significantly cut costs and restructured our business,” she says, But the company won’t be abandoning its Portland headquarters:

“We are going through a down cycle, there’s no doubt about it. … People need to know that Vestas is committed to North America. This is one of our largest markets and it really rivals Europe now in terms of overall revenue contribution we make to the bottom line for vestas. … The company has had to pull in the reins a bit and be sure that we’re lean and managing costs deftly, but we’re here to stay and I think that’s important that people in Portland know that.”

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