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Video: Lucky Crabs Swim Free

OPB’s Vince Patton flagged this video captured by the Oregon Field Guide crew on a crab boat off the coast of Yachats. It shows a crab pot being pulled out of the water and Dungeness crab whose shells were too soft to sell being tossed back into the ocean.

It’s a perfect pairing with the story I posted on Friday about the scientist who is studying the impacts of handling and releasing crab.

As I noted in Friday’s post, the Oregon Dungeness crab fishery has received sustainable label from the Marine Stewardship Council. But as part of that eco-label, the industry needs to find out whether catching and releasing some crab takes a toll on the crab population.

Oregon commercial crabbers are only allowed to keep male crab over a certain size. The smaller male crab and all female crab that come up in their pots are released back into the ocean – like the lucky crabs in the video above.

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