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Video: Preparing Styrofoam For Recycling

Earlier this month, I wrote about how it is indeed possible to recycle styrofoam. There are two companies in Portland that have drop-off sites and machines that sort of melt the styrofoam into a smaller, shippable form.

It eventually gets shipped overseas, and most of the stuff collected in Portland goes to Chinese manufacturing facilities that make picture frames out of it.

This afternoon I learned that OPB reporter Rob Manning cleaned out his basement last weekend and took his unwanted styrofoam to a recycling site. Suddenly, I remembered how I was dying to see the melting machine in action. And, conveniently, Don Hawkins of Total Reclaim had sent me a link to this KATU video of how it works.

I still plan on visiting one of these machines myself, I couldn’t not share this in the meantime. Look how the melted polystyrene oozes out of the machine like Play-Doh!

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