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Video: Raging Sandy River rips through Lolo Pass

Sandy River Flood from alexandra erickson on Vimeo.

OPB’s Ed Jahn found this incredible footage of the raging Sandy River, which took out a 300-yard section of Lolo Pass Road and several houses near Zigzag. On Monday, the river crested at 21 feet – the fifth highest level ever recorded. As you’ll see in the video, the raging, chocolate-milk-colored water also ripped up trees by their roots and consumed them. Our only complaint is that the music masks the sounds of the river’s mayhem.

Videographer Alexandra Erickson’s comments:

“We drove around to witness the Sandy River flooding in Oregon and arrived at Lolo Pass just as the road was about to wash out. It was amazing to see such natural destruction. We watched the Sandy River take down countless 50 foot tall trees, ripping them off its banks and swallowing them up. Amazing.”

Sandy River

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