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Video: You can still see the stars in Oregon

Finding Oregon from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.

Wowsa! I found this stunning time-lapse video of Oregon’s outdoors via Treehugger. Treehugger featured photographer Ben Canales in this post about light pollution wiping out starry night skies (and how you can still find the stars in Oregon). Canales worked with Portland-based Uncage the Soul productions to make this time-lapse video of Oregon’s night sky.

As I learned last year at a star-gazing party at Rooster Rock, there are bona fide dark sky advocates and maps of light pollution to guide those who are looking for a really starry sky. (You generally have to venture outside the I-5 corridor to find them.) I didn’t know a layperson could see more than a couple dozen stars in the sky until I left the Chicagoland area for college in central Missouri. True story.

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