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Wallowa County's hot spot for wolf depredation

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed another calf has been killed by a wolf in Wallowa County today. It’s was the same place north of Joseph where the state trapped and killed a wolf yesterday.

A calf was also killed on this same property by wolves last year. A bit of a hot spot, huh?

Along with the news of the newest calf kill, ODFW announced it has now issued 24 wolf kill permits to ranchers in eastern Oregon. That’s double the number from yesterday, and it means there are now more wolf kill permits in Oregon than there are confirmed wolves.

However. The “caught in the act” permits only allow livestock producers to shoot a wolf they “see in the act of biting, wounding or killing livestock.” The ranchers have to be using non-lethal wolf controls, too, and experts say it’s rare for a rancher to catch a wolf in the act.


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