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Which Schools Had Pesticides In Their Water?

The drinking water in 11 rural Oregon schools tested positive for at least one pesticide, though all were far below levels of concern for human health.

The drinking water in 11 rural Oregon schools tested positive for at least one pesticide, though all were far below levels of concern for human health.

I just noticed the Oregon Health Authority updated its website with a spreadsheet of the schools that had their drinking water tested.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture teamed up with state agencies to test the drinking water in 22 schools for 177 pesticides. Eleven of the schools had traces of at least one of the pesticides in their drinking water.

None of the levels detected pose a risk to human health. In fact, according to OHA toxicologist Dave Farrer, most were orders of magnitude below the level at which the state would be concerned for human health.

At first the agency said it wasn’t going to release the names of the schools or their individual results.

But someone must have changed their mind. The actual levels of chemicals detected aren’t up on the site, but the names of the chemicals and their common uses are. Here are some of the results:

  • Tests detected 12 different chemicals at Dixie Elementary (used by HeadStart) and Fairplay Elementary (aka Corvallis Waldorf School) in Corvallis. The list includes agricultural and residential herbicides.
  • At Applegate Elementary in Eugene, tests detected seven different chemicals.
  • Pioneer Elementary School in Ontario had five chemicals in its drinking water, and Cairo Elementary had four.
  • Sweet Home Charter School in Sweet Home had traces of two chemicals in its water.
  • The water at Ewing Elementary School in Newberg had traces of 2,4-D, an herbicide frequently used on lawns, turf, orchards, vegetables, wheat, grasses, canals, ditches and fence lines.
  • The water at Clarkes School in Mulino had traces of Bromacil, an herbicide used by agriculture and utilities for non-crop areas, fence lines and right-of-ways.
  • The water at Bridges Academy in Bend had traces of Desethyl atrazine, a component of the herbicide Atrazine, which is used for agriculture, residential property, recreation areas and forestry.
  • Triangle Lake School had traces of Imazpyr, an herbicide used in corn fields, in right-of-ways, on home lawns, non-crop areas, tree crops, nurseries and pasture.
  • Rogue Community College in Grants Pass also had traces of Desethyl atrazine in its water.
  • No pesticides were detected in the drinking water at Jewell School District #8, Pleasant Valley Elementary School SD28J, Crow High School in Eugene, Country Christian School or Rural Dell School in Molalla, Eddyville Charter School, Mt. View Elementary School in Corvallis, Brookings Head Start, Pinehurst School in Ashland, North Marion School District 15 High School or North Marion School District 15 Intermediate School in Aurora.

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