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Why climate activists are joining 'Occupy' events

We’re coming up on the Occupy Portland demonstration, planned to launch at 2:30 this afternoon. I’m going to be on the lookout for signs of overlap with environmental activism in this as-yet-undefined movement. Do you see a connection?

Stephen Lacey at Grist highlights the overlap between climate change activism and the Occupy movements with a quote from Bill McKibbin, cofounder of the climate activist group

“For too long, Wall Street has been occupying the offices of our government, and the cloakrooms of our legislatures,” wrote Bill McKibben, co-founder of, in an email urging supporters to join the march, “They’ve been a constant presence, rewarded not with pepper spray in the face but with yet more loopholes and tax breaks and subsidies and contracts. You could even say Wall Street’s been occupying our atmosphere, since any attempt to do anything about climate change always run afoul of the biggest corporations on the planet. So it’s a damned good thing the tables have turned.”

The video above was compiled by It features two people in the Occupy Wall Street movement – including a guy from Eugene – talking about the connection between climate change and the environment and the Occupy demonstrations going on across the country. Occupy Portland Occupy Wall Street

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