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Wolf pups in Eastern Oregon, BP in Washington State, and hungry bears

In the news today:

  • Two new wolf pups were born in Eastern Oregon.
  • BP has a less-than-stellar record of projects in Washington State.
  • Kinder Morgan is removing 300 trees from Portland’s Forest Park for better monitoring of an oil and gas pipeline. But not during migratory bird nesting. And the trees will stay on site for park enhancement projects.
  • Bonneville Power Administration holds public meetings this week on power lines in Washington. And Bureau of Land Management is holding public meetings on the North Steens Mountain transmission line.
  • A late berry crop makes for hungry black bears in Oregon’s Douglas County.
  • Farmers in Willamette Valley are burning fewer acres this year, with Oregon Legislature’s new rule in effect.
  • Double-check those media reports on the Gulf oil spill and its lingering plume.

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