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Amid Closures, New Food Cart Pod Comes To PDX

There’s been a recent wave of publicity — and plenty of attendant hand-wringing — about the closures of some of Portland’s iconic food cart pods, including the Cartopia cluster at 12th and Hawthorne, home of poutine, potatoes, pizza and gourmet PB&Js.

But all is not lost. From Eater PDX today comes word that a brand-new pod will be popping up on SE Division Street’s Restaurant Row, at 28th Place.

The carts will be parked around a part beer garden, part nursery space. Refugees from other pods around the city, including Belmont’s Good Food Here and the cluster at SW 6th and Columbia will be filling some of the slots.

Earlier this month, word came down that downtown’s SW 6th and Columbia pod would be closing, making it the fourth food cart pod scheduled to close this summer after  Cartopia, Good Food Here and North Station.

Food Carts Portland reports that the pods are shutting down to make way for new development, which doesn’t come as a huge surprise: As the city continues to recover from the recession, there’s money to actually build, whether it is downtown office space and parking garages, or condos and apartments in east side neighborhoods.

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