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An Astronaut's View Of The Rose City

When friends come to visit Portland, it’s always fun to take them to high points in the city at night and look down at all the lights. But my little tourist activity has been completely trumped by astronauts’ photos of what they see when flying over our cities at night.

Cities at Night is a project that collects evening photos from all over the world taken by NASA, ROSCOSMOS, ESA, JAXA and CSA-ASC. Though the main mission is to bring awareness about light pollution, you can’t deny the beauty of the images.


And what’s really cool is when you look down on cloudy Portland, you can pinpoint neighborhoods, the Willamette River splitting the city and the border between Oregon and Washington.

The project also features images from SeattleVancouver and San Francisco.

And speaking of space, if you missed Saturday’s “supermoon,” you’ll get another chance in August and September.

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