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Astronauts Rejoice: PSU-Created Espresso Cups En Route To International Space Station

While there are many comforts that astronauts have to leave here on Earth, caffeine shouldn’t be one of them.

NPR reports that SpaceX successfully launched a resupply rocket, the Dragon spacecraft, that’s headed for the International Space Station. Part of the resupply includes the first zero-gravity espresso cups that were created right here in Oregon.

Portland State University has developed a new espresso cup for astronauts who need a caffeine fix while working in space.

As OPB reported, the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University developed the 3D-printed cups that can simulate the act of pouring. The first set are part of the Capillary Beverage Experiment.

“We are pursuing the cup in part for fun—the astronauts are certainly interested,” said PSU professor Mark Weislogel in a statement. “But we are also pursuing the cup function for verification and validation of the methods we intend to apply to many of the advanced fluid systems aboard spacecraft.”

The small cups will work with the espresso machine, specially designed for space, fittingly called the “ISSpresso.”

The Dragon spacecraft is expected to reach ISS early Friday morning.

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