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Boise, Seattle Named 'Best Cities To Move To In 2014'

Boise, Idaho has made the top of yet another top 10 list.

Wednesday’s headline “Best Cities to Move to in 2014” by Simple Moving Labor put the City of Trees in the No. 1 spot, based on unemployment, median income, home value growth, and home affordability. Seattle came in second.

Boise has been ranked No. 1 in "Best Cities to Move to in 2014."

Boise has been ranked No. 1 in “Best Cities to Move to in 2014.”

Seth Lemmons/Flickr

Portland didn’t make the list from the moving company, but the city can still hold its head up high — after all, Portland notched the “Best City in America” title from real estate company Movoto in December 2013. (And who can forget that the city was named the second nerdiest in the country by the same outfit, thanks to our proximity to various Renaissance fairs and comic book stores).

It’s always cool to see the Pacific Northwest ranked highly on these national lists, but Boise has taken it to a whole new level.

A KTVB reporter interviewed Boise City Council President Maryanne Jordan, who said that Boise does, in fact, have a list of lists. It goes back to 2008 and includes such accolades as:

  • No. 2 Best City for Raising a Family (Forbes, April 2012)
  • Best College Football Stadiums (CNN Travel, November 2011)
  • No. 8 Most Underrated City in the West (Life Magazine, June 2010)
  • Best Downtown in the Rocky Mountain West (Brookings Institute Scholar, April 2009)  
  • No. 4 Best Cities to Live, Work and Play (, May 2008)

I should disclose that I’m from Boise and these kind of lists always make local news — but if there were a list of cities that love to be on top 10 lists, there’s no question in my mind that Idaho’s Capital would come in first every time.

Jokes aside, congratulations Boise!

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