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Business Of Breaking Stuff For Fun Moves To Portland

Bad days are meant to end with punching a pillow or having a drink (or two) to blow off some steam. But a new company coming to Portland wants to add “breaking stuff” as an option.

Since opening on Tax Day in Boise, only about 40 people have visited Das Breakroom to get rid of some aggression. So owner Tom Farrenkopf found a partner across state lines, and decided to move his business.

“The Boise market just hasn’t quite been what I expected,” he said in an interview with the Idaho Statesman.

The last day for Boiseians to get their fix is Monday, but there’s no word on when Das Breakroom will officially relocate.

While I imagine Portlanders will applaud the quirky business concept, I don’t see this catching on anywhere in the Pacific Northwest — I mean, we’re such a laidback, polite, passive-aggressive bunch. Even during rush hour, someone will always politely wave me into a lane on the freeway. Just try to find that in Boston or DC.

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