Bidding has closed on the Astoria eyesore.

The Daily Astorian reports that the neglected Flavel House finally has a new owner, Greg Newenhof. Newenhof paid $221,901 in cash for the crumbling four-bedroom mansion, as is.

Flavel faces more than a $1 million in fines and didn't appear at Monday's court hearing.

Flavel faces more than a $1 million in fines and didn’t appear at Monday’s court hearing.

Daily Astorian

Greg owns City Lumber with his brother Jeff, making them “the perfect people to buy the house as far as I’m concerned,” said City Attorney Blair Henningsgaard in an interview for the newspaper.

Former owner Mary Louise Flavel and the Astoria City Council reached an agreement in December to sell the home, which has been vacant for almost 25 years.

The Flavel House was completed in 1901 by George Flavel. It was later inherited by his son, Harry M. Flavel. He lived there with his wife Florence and their children, Harry S. and Mary Louise. The younger Harry was known for his angry and erratic behavior. Harry earned the nickname “Hatchet Harry” when he was 20, after he chopped up the house’s bannister with a hatchet while his mother was locked in her bedroom.

In 1983, Harry got into a scuffle with a driver when he was walking his dog that ended in him stabbing the man. After a number of appeals, Harry was on the run for failing to appear in court. When he died in 2010, black mourning bunting mysteriously appeared draped on the balcony of the family’s old home.

The Daily Astorian reports that according the the sales agreement, Mary Louise’s conservator will use the sale to cover unpaid and delinquent taxes and also pay the city $20,000 to resolve judgements against the former owner.

Editor’s note: This post was updated to clarify that Greg Newenhof is the owner of the Flavel House.