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Cover Oregon's Cover Girl Pops Up In Washington Pride Ad

Update 2:40 p.m.: I just spoke with Michelle Douglas, executive director of Tacoma’s Rainbow Center, who says pulling the image from a search was an oversight on her staff’s part.

“We’re now pulling all the images,” she said. “We have no connection to (Cover Oregon) at all.”

Douglas said Tacoma will celebrate its big pride festival next month and the Rainbow Center has many different ads about the event; this one was a relatively small part of their overall campaign.

“It was a complete Google error and lack of good training on our part,” she said.

Cover Oregon’s now-infamous, “violently adorable” TV ad is popping up all sorts of place, from HBO comedian John Oliver’s buzzy new show to … advertisements for a gay pride festival in Tacoma?

Tacoma Pride Festival in Washington sent out this tweet to troll for potential advertisers in the guide they publish for their upcoming event. They illustrated it with Cover Oregon’s image of a hipster folksinger in a red dress strumming a guitar in a field.

OPB’s Chris Lehman contacted Cover Oregon and found out that the image was taken without permission. I have my own calls out to the number listed on the tweet and to the original creator of the TV ad, the North creative agency in Portland, but haven’t heard back.

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