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Customer Says Apple Employee Included Anti-Gay Slur On Receipt

A battered and creased Apple receipt has created quite the stir on social media since being posted on Facebook Tuesday morning.

Adam Catanzarite wrote on his personal account that an Apple employee put an anti-gay slur in the required email field when Catanzarite declined to provide one when checking out.


Catazarite, who identifies as queer, contacted the Apple Store near Pioneer Square in Portland and spoke with the store’s manager who promised to refund the price of the headphones. But Catazarite never heard back and after a month of waiting, he decided to post a photo of the receipt on his Facebook page, which has since been shared nearly 550 times:

“This type of action is NOT OKAY, especially from a company that prides itself on being LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming. My friends, I please ask that you like this status or share it with your networks to let them know that #homophobia does not have a place in PDX (or anywhere) and that you reconsider where you spend your money.”

Later, Catazarite wrote a lengthier response to the community to say that he didn’t want the employee to be fired, but should learn the impact of writing the slur on a customer receipt:

“Apple should give this employee an opportunity to get the resources they need to better serve their customers. Othering individuals is not helpful in enacting social justice, since it is the fear of being seen at the other that leads people to harmful actions in the first place.”

A spokeswoman from Apple told The Oregonian that the company was “aware” of the incident. The company has not offered any further comment.

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