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Customers Line Up For Vancouver Marijuana

Just across the Columbia River from Portland, a Vancouver recreational marijuana shop opened to a long line of customers today. A second store opens Friday.

Think Out Loud will go live at noon from Main Street Marijuana in Vancouver.

OPB has reporters on scene this morning and the line was already around the block.

The city’s other pot store to recieve one of the coveted state licenses this week — New Vansterdam — plans to open at 8 a.m. Friday.

Main Street Marijuana is located in a former jewelry store, but instead of precious gems, customers will now see two strains of packaged marijuana and pot paraphernalia in the cases. Vancouver’s first pot shop will have 7.5 pounds of marijuana on hand.

After tax, the Columbian reports that 2 grams will sell for around $50.

“Generally the feeling about this store’s opening has been very positive,” said Chris Stipe, a store manager, in an interview Seattle’s alternative weekly The Stranger :

“The business will be good for the economy,” says Stipe. “There are already ten or so people working in a factory cleaning and packaging the pot. We are hiring people. We will attract tourists. In fact they are already coming.”

Because of federal banking laws, Main Street Marijuana and many other recreational pot stores are operating as cash-only businesses.

Following the grand opening, visitors to the store are invited to attend the inaugural Weed and Weenies event, hosted by Viridian Sciences, a business management company that specializes in marijuana retail. Attendants can enjoy their hotdogs on the street, but smoking marijuana in public is still illegal.

Tuesday was the first day retailers could start selling marijuana legally in Washington. Of the 334 applicants for business licenses, only five businesses were able to open their doors yesterday, including a single store in Seattle.

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