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Entire City Of Portland Named Next In ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Your move, Portland.

Portlandia stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen gave in to the viral Internet sensation that’s basically taken over the dog days of August, dousing each other in the ALS ice bucket challenge on Thursday.


Then, according to the trend’s conceit, they nominated the entire city to follow suit — or donate $100 to the cause. It’s unclear whether they meant $100 from each individual citizen, or whether a single $100 donation would be enough to cover all of Portland’s million or so inhabitants.

(Last I googled, no one has taken on the responsibility of organizing a formal dump, at least not yet.)

They aren’t the only homegrown celebrities to jump on the bandwagon.

Gov. John Kitzhaber and his Republican challenger Dennis Richardson both posted their respective videos Thursday morning on YouTube. Kitzhaber prefaced the water dump by stressing the need for research and promised to donate $100 to ALS research. Richardson, in something of a stretch, drew a political parallel between the “uncomfortable yet refreshing” experience of dropping a bucket of ice on your head and the need for a change in party control in the governor’s mansion.

The ALS Association, a national non-profit, reports as of Thursday that the viral campaign has raised more than $41.8 million since July 29. The release says that during the same time period last year, donors had contributed $2.1 million toward ALS research.

Other notable Oregonians to take on the challenge include Portland Timbers Coach Caleb Porter (and later a few Timbers players), the entire Thorns team, University of Oregon football coach Mark Helfrich, Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick and a number of Trail Blazers players, accompanied by Coach Terry Stotts.

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