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Fair-Weather Fan's Top 10 Moments Of Trail Blazers Season

If there’s a sporting event on, I usually find out when it’s halfway over via Twitter. If I happen to be watching a game, I’ve been invited by someone who knows when the game starts. I don’t dislike sports, I just don’t really keep up.

However, since moving to Portland, I most definitely jumped on the Trail Blazers bandwagon, for better or worse. (Can you say clutch shot?)

Here are a fair-weather fan’s top 10 moments of the season:

10) Blazers fans made the best signs:

9) Damian Lillard made a really great commercial:

8) Speaking of Damian Lillard, the man’s face is now a meme and everyone got into #DameFace:

7) Robin Lopez let out his inner nerd at Comic Con:

6) After the San Antonio Spurs bus hit a TriMet bus, the Portland driver kept a cool head to report the accident. He since has been named the team’s “seventh man”:

5) The Blazers were on Portlandia with the show’s staple feminists Candice and Toni:

“Tonight, the women won. And you know, we are all women.”


4) The Blazers donned Jack Ramsay patches to remember the late coach:

3) Robin Lopez wrestled the Detroit Pistons’ mascot:

2) LaMarcus Aldridge scored all the points against the Houston Rockets:

1) And, of course, Damian Lillard’s shot heard round the sports’ world:

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