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Fear No More: You Can Buy Your Own 'Angry Owl' Sign

The terror Salem’s angry owl once held over the city seems to have dissolved, but residents and fans nationwide are lining up to remember the angry bird with a warning sign. 

The City of Salem installed its own "angry owl" warning signs in February.

The City of Salem installed its own “angry owl” warning signs in February.

Danielle Peterson/Statesman Journal

The Statesman Journal reports that the Salem Parks Foundation is selling the signs to raise money for the parks system — and to keep people from stealing them.

The City of Salem started installing the official angry owl signs last month after four joggers were reportedly attacked by a barred owl in Bush’s Pasture Park. Officials believe the bird was protecting a nest.

The story caught the attention of national media, including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. The television host made plenty of jokes, but she also rolled out an idea the City of Salem took to: A yellow warning sign of a man running from a big-winged, talons-out owl.

“We got tons and tons of emails from people who want to have their own owl sign,” said Tibby Larson, City of Salem parks volunteer coordinator, in an interview with the newspaper. “So, we got the right permissions and made it happen.”

No one seemed as excited for the new signs as Maddow.

“Write my obituary now,” she said last month after she learned the City of Salem would be installing the signs. “If we have accomplished nothing else on television, let this be the legacy of the Rachel Maddow Show. Simply the coolest thing to happen to this show.”

The retail signs, which are slightly smaller than those in Bush’s Pasture Park and made of plastic, are going for $30. The proceeds will go toward new play equipment, park upkeep and other parks expenses.


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