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First Car2Go Bike Rack Spotted In Portland

This week, Car2Go members received an email survey about the rideshare bringing a bike rack pilot program to Portland, a move likely to save Smart car interiors citywide. As it turns out, there is one lone Car2Go with a bike rack in Portland currently.

Spotted in the Pearl District on Wednesday night outside of the company’s Portland office, a Car2Go with a bike rack.

A test Car2Go bike rack outside of the rideshare company's Portland office.

A test Car2Go bike rack outside of the rideshare company’s Portland office.

Lizzy Duffy/OPB

However, this is the only one in Portland. Car2Go spokeswoman Adrianne Andang said the add-on will be tested by three longtime members this week.

“We heard in the Portland market that our members love cycling,” said Andang. “We’ve been working really hard to combine both options.”

At this point, the company hasn’t decided how many of Portland’s 530 Car2Go vehicles will get a bike rack.

Andang said the company hopes to roll out the bike racks in the next few months.

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