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GOP Video Mines Cover Oregon's Troubles For Political Traction

At first, Oregonians had to laugh with the rest of the nation over the many, many jokes made about Cover Oregon’s epic meltdown. But now, a political action committee for the House Republicans has a new campaign that seeks to make some political hay over the failed health care exchange by pointing the finger at state Democrats.

The Promote Oregon Leadership PAC debuted “Take Back Oregon” this week with a video that highlights various Cover Oregon’s problems with the now infamous Cover Oregon song playing underneath news reports.

On the website, people can also sign up for an email list about House Republican campaigns. Subscribers will receive videos and graphics as part of the newsletter.

“Judging from the feedback I’ve received, people like the video. They find it entertaining,” said Kara Walker, the spokesperson for the House Republican Office, told the Statesman Journal in an interview.

The video makes its point, but the public conversation about it isn’t all that visible. The Oregon House GOP is using the hashtag #TakeBackOR, but it isn’t getting a ton of attention on social media (My Thursday morning search returned fewer than 10 tweets). This is an issue for the GOP that goes beyond Oregon; nationally, the Republican party has been working to attract more millennial voters, with only spotty success.

Maybe the party’s Oregon efforts would be more effective if this was a TV spot, but it’s only June — the real onslaught of TV campaign ads won’t come until the fall, when more voters are paying attention. And anyway, a good viral video can be just as effective or more so with younger voters.

So, I’ll ask the question here: What do you think of the video? Does it strike a chord with you and your experiences with Cover Oregon? If you identify as an Oregon Republican, is there anything that the campaign missed?

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