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Heat Advisory Issued For NW Oregon, SW Washington

Summer is in full-swing and it’s about to get hot.

A heat advisory is issued for today as temperatures are expected reach a new high for the year in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington, according to the National Weather Service. Highs will reach the upper 90s in the Portland area and the coast will hit the 80s.

Eugene, Salem and Eastern Oregon can all expect temps in the 90s as well. Southern Oregon can expect even warmer temps; today’s high will hit around 104 degrees there.

Still, it won’t likely be record level territory for this time of year. Portland’s record for July 1 was a scorching 105 degrees, set in 1942. Roseburg reached 106 degrees on that same day.

NWS reports that these will be the hottest days so far this year, however. And it’s been a relatively warm year so far in the metro area, starting off with the first week of April when temperatures reached the mid 70s

Make sure to stay hydrated and send the kiddos with an extra water bottle if they’re spending time outside. The advisory should be lifted at 9 p.m.

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