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Here's Looking At You, Portland

Maybe it’s where you like to take out of town friends or a first date. Or maybe it’s where you go to clear your head.

Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability wants to know your favorite secret spots to view of the city as part of the Central City 2035 planning project. Here’s one of my favorites:

Summer sunset from Skidmore Bluffs in North Portland.

Summer sunset from Skidmore Bluffs in North Portland.

Lizzy Duffy/OPB

You can submit your special place to be a part of the Central City Scenic Resource Map, which hasn’t been updated since 1988 — since then the Pearl District and the Tilikum Crossing came to be, along with other city developments.

Your submission must be on public land or have public access and the view must be public as well, so keep those extra secret (or illegally accessed) viewpoints to yourself. Complete an online form by Aug. 8 and include where to go, what’s in the view and why it should be included in the inventory.

Submissions will be considered this fall and ranked by significance. From there, Central City 2035 can plan how to protect these views from future construction.

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