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Kate Brown On Education

Secretary of State Kate Brown

Secretary of State Kate Brown

Spencer Raymond/OPB

Now that Kate Brown is rising from Oregon Secretary of State to Governor, Oregonians across the state are trying to get to know the state’s top Democrat a little better.

The Secretary of State typically handles election issues, does audits, and other kinds of behind-the-scenes work of state government. Important stuff, but it doesn’t provide many clues about Governor-to-be Brown’s views on issues that might be upper-most on the minds of Oregonians.

But there are some clues. And some even have audio. Here’s one, related to the huge challenge in Oregon of improving public education.

Secretary Brown appeared at an education conference sponsored by the National League of Cities last December with Portland Mayor Charlie Hales, Portland Community College President Jeremy Brown (no relation), and Portland Public Schools superintendent Carole Smith.

She gave an interesting overview of her personal and professional connections to schools and college, in her opening remarks.


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