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Let's Talk About Chuck Palahniuk's 'Fight Club' Sequel

It seems that everyone is breaking the first and second rule of Fight Club, 15 years after its publication (“Do not talk about Fight Club!”). That’s because author Chuck Palahniuk has announced that there will officially be a “Fight Club 2,” due out May 2015.

The front cover of Fight Club 2, due out May 2015.

The front cover of Fight Club 2, due out May 2015.

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

Palahniuk’s sequel will be illustrated by Cameron Stewart in a 10-issue, limited series of graphic novels and published by Portland-based Dark Horse Comics.

“I messed up and said I was doing the sequel in front of 1,500 geeks with telephones,” Palahniuk said in an interview with USA Today. “Suddenly, there was this big scramble to honor my word.”

“Fight Club 2” continues the original story of an unnamed insomniac, his alter ego Tyler Durden and the secret night brawls, picking up 10 years after the end of the original “Fight Club.” The narrator is married to Marla Singer, his love interest from the first book, and the couple has a 9-year-old son named Junior. The protagonist finds that he’s repeating many of the mistakes his own father made while raising him.

But it’s not all about family life. The anarchist underground group that Durden founded — known as Project Mayhem — is still a central part to the story, and hooks the “hero” when he has to save his son’s life.

Palahniuk grew up in Burbank, Wash. and later attended the University of Oregon before working for a local Portland newspaper. But when he got bored, he quit the job and worked as a diesel mechanic, according to Palahniuk’s website:

“It was during this time that Chuck experienced much of what would become fodder for his early work, including working as an escort for terminally ill hospice patients and becoming a member of the notorious Cacophony Society. Said to be the inspiration for Project Mayhem in Fight Club, the Cacophony Society was dedicated to experiencing things outside of the mainstream and performing large-scale pranks in public places.”

“Fight Club,” Palahniuk’s first novel, was published in 1996 when the fledgling author had little more than student-loan debt to his name. The book was made into a movie three years later, starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. No word on whether there will be a movie sequel, too.

Since, Palahniuk has published 17 books. His latest novel, Beautiful You, will be out in October. He currently divides his time between two homes — one in Oregon and one in Washington.

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