When OPB reporters Amelia Templeton and John Rosman traveled to southern Oregon to cover the Applegate Valley marijuana culture, they weren’t totally sure who they would meet, but they definitely didn’t expect to cross paths with Sugar Bob: A medical marijuana farm deer that spends its day nibbling on fallen pot leaves and the occasional bud.

Sugar Bob pals around with grower Richard Davis as he works.

“When I’m down here, he either stays pretty close to me,” said Davis, “or he’ll go in the trim room and just get on the bed. He cleans up all the stuff off the floor, so he’s ready for a nap.”

This is the second Sugar Bob to come into Davis’ life. The first Sugar Bob hung around Davis’ old dog, Bacon, 14 years ago. Sugar Bob 2.0 now spends time with Davis’ new beagle, Trooper.

“What’s the odds of having two Sugar Bobs in your life?” wondered Davis.

With Oregon’s new recreational marijuana laws coming into effect next year, the Applegate grow culture and the rest of the state’s relationship with pot will change.

OPB’s Think Out Loud hosted a live broadcast to discuss various aspects of legal marijuana in 2015.