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New To The Fiberhood: Company Maps Where Google Fiber May Be Available

The denizens of Oregon’s Silicon Forest are tracking every twist and turn of the possibilities for superfast Internet in Portland and now a new map that predicts possible Google Fiber coverage areas here is suddenly everywhere on social media.

Web and app design company, Erichsen Group in Davis, California, mapped “fiberhoods” in Charlotte, Nashville and Portland, using available data on infrastructure, existing cable and Internet use, demographics and population size.

Earlier this year, OPB’s Amelia Templeton reported that Portland was on the Google Fiber short list with just nine other metro areas.

The Oregonian reports that for years, Comcast controlled high Internet speeds in Portland until CenturyLink announced a roll-out of its own fiber-optic service in 16 cities this month, including Portland. But before you start packing up your laptop, CenturyLink isn’t saying exactly which neighborhoods are equipped to handle the superfast 1,000 megabits per second.

CenturyLink’s current coverage area hits a lot of spots that the predicted Google Fiber coverage area misses, like up in Vancouver and south toward Oregon City. However, it doesn’t reach into Beaverton and Hillsboro, home to economic powerhouses Nike and Intel.

CenturyLink's total coverage area in Portland.

CenturyLink’s total coverage area in Portland.

Courtesy of CenturyLink

Google will decide by the end of this year whether to bring its own fiber-optics to Portland while CenturyLink predicts it will complete its fiber installations by the end of 2015.

Google Fiber runs current customers about $70 per month for gigabit Internet. CenturyLink’s service will run customers about $152 per month, but the company currently has a deal to get it for a cool $80.

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