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One Cool Portland Invention Resonates With International Audience

Have you ever thought there was room for improvement when it comes to drink coolers? For most of us, if the insulated boxes shuts tight and keeps our drinks cold, there’s nothing to really complain about.

But a Portland inventor saw a boring old box that could do so much more. With a dozen add-ons and improvements, Ryan Grepper is taking the world by storm with the “Coolest.”

The standard plastic cooler has been upgraded with a built-in blender, a USB port, an interior light, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a tie down, a cutting board, storage compartments and a can opener. Plus it has bigger wheels than a standard cooler and a compartment divider.

So far, almost 13,000 people worldwide think it’s a great idea too, and Grepper’s Kickstarter has already raised more than $2.5 million in three days. At this rate, the Oregonian reports that the project could surpass the largest funded Kickstarter in the history of the website.

The current record holder is the Pebble Watch in 2012 with more than $10 million.

Grepper writes on the Kickstarter page that he’s been creating Coolest prototypes for about 10 years. He launched his first crowdsourcing campaign for the cooler last year, but didn’t reach his goal of $125,000. The promise of that campaign was to ship the Coolest out before next tailgating season, but coolers just weren’t on people’s minds at the start of winter. So, he took the time to create something people would really want.

“Last year I reexamined these well-loved creations and realized just how much room for improvement there was,” he writes.

With the weather heating up, it’s no surprise Grepper’s second try at the Kickstarter campaign has been so successful. If you’re in the market for a new cooler or an upgrade from the same old plastic box, the campaign is running through Aug. 29.

Grepper wasn’t immediately available for comment.

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