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1 Man Takes 2,660 Selfies On Pacific Crest Trail In Viral Video

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail can really wear on a person, and one man documented his journey at every mile with selfies. That’s right: 2,660 selfies.

Andy Davidhazy embarked on the five-month trip starting at the Mexico border near Campo, California and finished at Manning Park, British Columbia. The end of his journey is the start the film “Lost or Found,” which follows Davidhazy’s life after his time hiking the western U.S. While the movie is fictional, Davidhazy’s time on the PCT isn’t.

He writes on the “Lost or Found” film’s website that he was able to keep track of each mile using paper maps and GPS, but quickly, he started documenting each mile by time, as it took him 18 to 22 minutes between selfies.

“Taking a photo of myself every mile wasn’t about vanity, but rather a way for me to fully commit to the whole hike,” he wrote. “If I were to skip ahead, myself and everyone else would know it.”

Through the selfies, you see the landscape change as Davidhazy moves north and his beard grow until he’s able to shave it off, and start anew.

Davidhazy said the hike was actually done in two installments: He covered 2,424 miles in 2013 before winter weather dumped more than six feet of snow on part of the Washington trail. He returned in 2014 to complete the last 236 miles. The short clip has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube since its debut earlier this month.

“Lost or Found” is slated for release this summer.

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