This one is for anyone who wondered how television shows can make fantasy look so real.

Carly Sertic draws many of the pictures for the Grimm book.

Carly Sertic draws many of the pictures for the Grimm book.

Oregon Art Beat

Oregon Art Beat goes behind the scenes with NBC’s “Grimm,” which is filmed in Oregon, and meets the people that make things go bump in the night.

The Brothers Grimm-inspired series follows homicide detective Nick Burkhardt, who discovers from his sick Aunt Marie that he’s a descendent of hunters who must protect humans from supernatural “Wesen” creatures.

One artist who helps to create the show’s creepy and crawly world is Eugene native Carly Sertic. She draws and designs many of the pictures for “Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore.”

“I’ve not been drawing creatures my whole life, that’s for sure, not usually violent things like I have to draw on this show,” said Sertic in an interview with Art Beat. “From beheading to cutting peoples’ tongues out … just really gross things.”

The hand-drawn book comes to life with striking makeup and costumes and carefully sourced props that come from local artists and craftspeople each week.

“The Art of Grimm” will be on OPB TV Thursday at 8 p.m.