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Ore. Cities, Counties Enforce Medical Marijuana Dispensary Moratoriums

County commissioners and city councils are scrambling to pass medical marijuana dispensary moratoriums that comply with state law by the May 1 deadline.

Senate Bill 1531 legalizes medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, but it also empowers counties and cities to enforce a one-year moratorium. All of the moratoriums will expire May 1, 2015.

As of April 8, Oregon Health Authority reports that 17 cities have enacted moratoriums. Another 14 are waiting on state approval and 10 will vote on ordinances later this month.

On the map, red represents state-approved moratoriums, green represents city moratoriums waiting to gain state approval and yellow represents cities that will vote on moratoriums.

A number of counties have enacted moratoriums as well, including Deschutes, Jackson, Lincoln, Malheur and Umatilla. That means dispensaries cannot open in the unincorporated areas of those counties. Morrow County is the latest the consider a moratorium.

Culver, Gresham and Troutdale have laws that say businesses must comply with federal law and will not be issuing business licensing to prospective medical marijuana dispensaries. Beaverton currently bans medical marijuana dispensaries from city limits, but this will expire December 31.

Editor’s note: This map was put together with information from various news reports and the Oregon Health Authority as of April 11. I will update as cities pass moratoriums. If you know of any cities or counties I have missed, contact me.

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